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Rated Not Rated (US) / G (Canada), Family Entertainment

In a movie inspired by actual events, Tonka tells the story of the sole survivor of the 7th Calvary who fought at Custerís Last Stand. It stars Sal Mineo as White Bull, a young Indian who captures and tames a wild stallion and names him Tonka. When White Bullís mean cousin claims Tonka for his own and abuses the horse, White Bull sets it free. Tonka eventually finds a home with Capt. Keogh and the 7th Calvary, and in 1876, rides into The Battle of the Little Big Horn with General Armstrong Custer.

So mount up for this spirited tale of adventure and history, and take a ride with Tonka.


  • Ace:Slim Pickens
  • Captain Benteen:Herbert Rudley
  • Captain Myles:Keogh Philip Carey
  • Chief Sitting Bull:John War Eagle
  • Corporal Korn:Gregg Martell
  • General Alfred Terry:Sydney Smith
  • General Custer:Britt Lomond
  • Lieutenant Crittenden:Robert "Buzz" Henry
  • Lieutenant Henry Nowland:Jerome Courtland
  • Prairie Flower:Joy Page
  • White Bull:Sal Mineo
  • Yellow Bull:H.M. Wynant

Directed By

Lewis R. Foster

Written By

Lewis R. Foster; Lillie Hayward

Run Time

98 min

Aspect Ratio