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The Littlest Outlaw

Rated NR (US) / G (AUS), Drama/Family

Disney’s The Littlest Outlaw DVD is full of spirit. Taking place in Mexico, 10 year old Pablito lives with his stepfather, who makes a living as an abusive horse trainer. When his father’s cruel techniques cross the line and put a horse’s life in danger, little Pablito rescues the horse and runs away. But this wasn’t just any horse; this was the Mexican General’s horse. Now with his liberated horse, Pablito himself has become as outlaw. He travels all of Mexico making a friend or two along the way, but mostly avoids fierce fugitives. When you’re a 10-year old boy, it’s hard to know who to trust. The Littlest Outlaw movie is good for the heart and soul, as the bonds between human and horse are forged.


  • Gen. Torres: Pedro Armendáriz
  • Pablito: Andrés Velázquez
  • Padre: Joseph Calleia

Directed By

Roberto Gavaldón

Written By

Larry Lansburgh (story), Bill Walsh

Run Time

73 min