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The Legend Of Lobo

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Action/Adventure

The Legend of Lobo follows the adventures of Lobo, a wolf born in the American Southwest. The movie begins when Lobo is still a delightful adorable wolf cub and it follows his development into a brave and magnificent leader of the wolf pack. Lobo and the pack prey on the herds of cattle which angers the cattlemen. Consequently, the price on Lobo's head increases, which attracts a professional wolf hunter. Lobo's incredible survival skills and loyalty to his family leave the hunter with a tremendous respect. You'll be enthralled as you follow Lobo through a remarkable adventure set in the beautiful Southwest of the United States.


  • As Themselves: Sons Of The Pioneers
  • Narrator: Rex Allen

Directed By

Duwayne Dunham , Fletcher Markle , Reed Smoot

Written By

Based On A Story by Ernest Thompson-Seton; Screenplay By Dwight Hauser And James Algar

Run Time

80 min

Aspect Ratio