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The Horse Without A Head

Rated Not Rated (US) / Comedy

The Horse Without A Head (also known as the 100,000 Franc Train Robbery) was first released in 1963 and tells the story of a group of underprivileged French children who dub themselves "The Knights of the Headless Horse" after being given an old toy horse by a kind junk dealer. This broken old toy is shared by all the children and becomes their only source of excitement as they speed down the narrow streets of their village, until a group of thieves use the horse to hide the key to spoils of a train robbery.

The film ends in a thrilling climax that’s sure to have the whole family on the edge of their seat! Starring Jean-Pierre Aumont as the town’s policeman and Herbert Lom as the leader of the robbers, this is vintage Disney movie making.


  • Fernand: Vincent Winter
  • Mallart: Lee Montague
  • Marian: Pamela Franklin
  • Police Inspector: Jean-Pierre Aumont
  • Roublot: Leo McKern
  • Schiapa: Herbert Lom

Directed By

Don Chaffey

Written By

T.E.B. Clarke

Run Time

89 min

Aspect Ratio