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The Ghosts of Buxley Hall

Rated TBD (US) / G (Canada), Action/Drama

When the century-old Buxley Hall finds itself in financial trouble and is forced to allow girls to attend the boys-only academy, the friendly ghosts inhabiting the place come out to scare the new residents and save the school. They look to 13-year-old cadet named Jeremy, heir to a large sum of money, to help re-establish the academy. But Jeremy’s aunt is out to steal his inheritance and demolish the school, and the ghosts are out to the rescue. The Ghosts of Buxley Hall movie will fill you with amusement and anxiety.


  • Dick O'Neill
  • Victor French
  • Louise Latham
  • Rad Daly
  • Monte Markham
  • Ruta Lee
  • Vito Scotti
  • Don Porter
  • Steve Franken
  • Renne Jarrett
  • Christian Juttner
  • Tricia Cast
  • Guy Raymond
  • John Myhers
  • Joe Tornatore
  • John Ericson
  • Tony becker
  • Billy Jayne

Directed By

Bruce Bilson

Written By

Sy Gomberg, Rick Mittleman

Run Time

95 min

Aspect Ratio