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The Fighting Prince Of Donegal

Rated Not Rated (US) / Action/Adventure

In the 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne, the English occupy the Irish countryside, worried that the Spanish army will make their assault through Ireland.

When O'Donnell becomes the Prince of Donegal, he becomes the leader of a resistance against the tyrannical British troops. Hugh is caught and placed in prison twice while uniting the clans of Ireland. But he escapes to lead the Irish in many battles against the English and rescue his love, Kathleen.


  • Captain Leeds: Gordon Jackson
  • Henry O'Neill: Tom Adams
  • Hugh O'Donnell: Peter McEnery
  • Kathleen McSweeney: Susan Hampshire
  • Lord McSweeney: Andrew Keir
  • Martin: Maurice Roeves
  • Moire: Fidelma Murphy
  • Moire's Sister: Maire Ni Ghrainne
  • Officer Powell: Bill Owen
  • Phelim O'Toole: Richard Leech
  • Princess Ineen: Peggy Marshall
  • Sean O'Toole: Donal McCann
  • Sergeant: Peter Jeffrey
  • Sir John Perrott: Norman Wooland
  • The Mother: Marie Kean

Directed By

Arthur Ibbetson , Michael O'Herlihy

Written By

Robert Westerby

Run Time

110 min

Aspect Ratio