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Ten Who Dared

Rated G (US) / G (Canada)

Ten Who Dared records one of the greatest sagas of the Old West. In 1869, Civil War veteran Major John Wesley Powell, accompanied by nine others, set out to be the first to travel up the Colorado River and through the magnificent Grand Canyon. Treacherous river rapids, a food shortage and mutiny are just a few of the dangers that Powell and his men face on their epic journey. After ninety-nine days and a thousand miles, will any of the men make it out alive?

A true story of courage, triumph and tragedy, Ten Who Dared is an adventure the whole family can enjoy together.


  • George Bradley:Ben Johnson
  • Jack Sumner:Dan Sheridan
  • Major John Wesley Powell:John Beal
  • Walter Powell:James Drury
  • William "Bill" Dunn:Brian Keith

Directed By:

William Beaudine

Run Time:

92 mins

Aspect Ratio