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Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Comedy

Get prepared to enjoy an entertaining jump into unadulterated Disney entertainment as a middle-aged dad leaps straight into the center of the generation gap. Charlie McCready, played by Bob Crane, unfortunately invites trouble by trying to keep up with his daughter's disorderly teen buddies in volleyball, waterskiing and even bodysurfing!

Not surprisingly, his interfering soon drives her away from Bart (played by the teenage Kurt Russell), her surfer boyfriend, and straight into the arms of a wild beatnik artist. Superdad features some high-speed action, teen romance, and a support cast of some familiar faces including Dick Van Patten and Bruno Kirby. Superdad is a classic Disney comedy with something for everyone: young or old, parent or teen!


  • Bart: Kurt Russell
  • Cab Driver: Ed McCready
  • Charlie McCready: Bob Crane
  • Cyrus Hershberger: Joe Flynn
  • Dr. Skinner: Ivor Francis
  • House Manager: Jim Makefield
  • Ira Kushaw: Dick Van Patten
  • Justice Of The Peace: John Mannino
  • Mr. Schlimmer: Larry Gelman
  • Mrs. Levin: Naomi Stevens
  • Reverand Griffith: Jonathon Daly
  • Roger Rhinehurst: Nicholas Hammond
  • Stanley: Bruno Kirby
  • Sue McCready: Barbara Rush
  • T.V. Moderator: Steve Dunne

Directed By

Vincent McEveety

Written By

Joseph L. McEveety

Run Time

95 min

Aspect Ratio