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So Dear To My Heart

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Musical

So Dear To My Heart is a Disney film classic brimming with music. It combines appealing live action and captivating animation to tell the uplifting story of a little boy with giant dreams! The story follows Jeremiah, a resolute young country boy who adopts an impish black lamb called Danny. When Jeremiah dreams of Danny winning a blue ribbon at the county fair, the pictures in his scrapbook come to life by magic and convince him to enter Danny. Along the way, Jeremiah learns some important lessons about love and loyalty.

Walt Disney called this one of his favorite films and famously remarked: "That's the life my brother and I grew up with as kids out in Missouri." Join the Disney Movie Club and enjoy the high-spirited, down-home fun for everyone!


  • Grandma Kincaid: Beulah Bondi
  • Horse Trainer: Matt Willis
  • Jeremiah "Jerry" Kincaid: Bobby Driscoll
  • Judge At County Fair: Harry Carey
  • Storekeeper: Raymond Bond
  • Storekeeper's Son: Daniel Haight
  • Tildy: Luana Patten
  • Uncle Hiram: Burl Ives
  • Villager: Walter Soderling

Directed By

Harold D. Schuster

Written By

John Tucker Battle

Run Time

82 min

Aspect Ratio