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Scandalous John

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Family Entertainment

Scandalous John is a touching Disney comedy for all the family. Brian Keith stars as John McCanless, an irritable and grizzled old contemporary rancher who amusingly still believes that he's living in the old West. When he can no longer afford to pay the mortgage, a greedy real estate developer seizes the old manís land. Believing that he'll make a profit off of his cattle, he heads out to market on the desert trail with his trusted ranch hand Paco to take his one last steer to market. Soon, his crabby behavior leads to a series of shootouts. So round up the family and see how the West was fun.


  • Amanda McCanless: Michele Carey
  • Baron Whittak: Simon Oakland
  • Bartender: Larry D. Mann
  • Card Dealer: Christopher Dark
  • Farm Woman: Fran Ryan
  • Grotch: Jimmy Lydon
  • Jimmy Whittaker: Rick Lenz
  • John McCanless: Brian Keith
  • Mavis: Iris Adrian
  • Old Indian: Richard Hale
  • Paco Martinez: Alfonso Arau
  • Sheriff Hart: Bill Williams
  • Sheriff Pippin: Harry Morgan
  • Sludge: Bruce Glover
  • Wendell: John Ritter

Directed By

Robert Butler

Written By

Bill Walsh; Don DaGradi

Run Time

114 min

Aspect Ratio