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Rob Roy The Highland Rogue

Rated Not Rated (US) / G (Canada), Action/Adventure

When King George I is crowned the king of England, he appoints the wicked Duke of Montrose as Secretary of State. Montrose's first action is to repress the unruly MacGregor clan and make certain that they pledge their allegiance to the new Monarch. The scheming Secretary of State doesnŐt quite understand what a proud nation the Scots are, especially the Highlander Rob Roy and his fiery compatriots! Rob Roy The Highland Rogue is a classic adventure filled with swashbuckling drama, colorful action sequences and even a little romance!


  • Dugal MacGregor: Archie Duncan
  • Duke Campbell Of Argyll: James Robertson Justice
  • Duke Of Montrose: Michael Gough
  • Hamish MacPherson: Finlay Currie
  • Helen Mary MacPherson MacGregor: Glynis Johns
  • Hugh MacGregor: Russell Waters
  • Keith MacGregor: Stevenson Lang
  • Killearn: Geoffrey Keen

Directed By

Harold French

Written By

Lawrence Edward Watkin

Run Time

84 min

Aspect Ratio