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Menace on the Mountain

Rated NR (US) / G (AUS), Family

Disney’s Menace on the Mountain movie is a classic period piece that takes place during the last few days of the American Civil War. The McIver family must fight to protect their Southern mountaintop home and farm from a rebel gang of army deserters. When the father of the McIver family leaves to join the Confederate army, their teenage son must rise as the man of the house against the odds of the murderous deserters. What will become of the McIvers and their land? An 8 year old Jodie Foster plays SueEllen McIver. Menace on the Mountain DVD is perfect for both families and history enthusiasts alike.


  • Suellen McIver: Jodie Foster
  • Maj. Galt: Richard Anderson
  • Leah McIver: Pat Crowley

Directed By

Vincent McEveety

Written By

Robert Heverly

Run Time

81 min

Aspect Ratio