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Johnny Shiloh

Rated NR (US) / G (AUS), Action/Adventure/Biography

Disney’s Johnny Shiloh movie is full of action and loosely based upon the true story in American history of Johnny Clem. At the tender age of 10, Johnny runs away to become a drummer boy for the Union Army. Although he knows he is too young, he cannot stand the thought of his local platoon leaving to fight without him. Due to his young age, Johnny is at first turned away by the army. Willing to do anything to join, the union army just can’t make little Johnny go away. After thorough attempts to try to break his spirits, the army finally accepts Johnny as a real battlefield drummer. Johnny Shiloh DVD is an extraordinary story about one of the youngest real life American heroes. Johnny became the youngest non-commissioned officer in American history.


  • Johnny Lincoln Clem: Kevin Corcoran
  • Sergeant Gabe Trotter: Brian Keith

Directed By

James Neilson

Written By

Ronald Alexander, James A. Rhodes

Run Time

60 min

Aspect Ratio