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Goof Troop Volume 1

Not Rated

Goofy and his son Max bring non-stop humor in this first volume of the Goof Troop series. Goofy is a charismatic single father raising his son Max in Spoonerville, where they experience great adventures together and become next door neighbors with Goofy’s malicious and old high school friend, Pete. Although Goofy drives Pete crazy with his inexplicable foolishness, Max and Pete's son P.J. become the best of friends.


  • Jim Cummings
  • Bill Farmer
  • Dana Hill
  • Rob Paulsen
  • April Winchell
  • Frank Welker
  • Nancy Cartwright
  • Corey Burton
  • Michael Gough
  • Jerry Houser
  • Charles Adler
  • Pat Fraley
  • Joe Piscopo
  • S. Scott Bullock
  • Michael Bell
  • Bruce Talkington
  • Kath Soucie
  • Charles Nelson Reilly.

Directed By

Mircea Mantta, Mike Svayko, Bob Zamboni, Mitch Rochon, Woody Yocum, Russell E. Mooney, Terence Harrison 

Written By

Mark McCorkle, Robert Schooley, Jan Strnad, Mirith Schilder

Run Time

68 min

Aspect Ratio