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Flight of the Grey Wolf

Rated NR (US) / G (AUS), Adventure/Drama/Family

Flight of the Grey Wolf movie takes place in Kettle Moraine, Milwaukee where the Hanson family works as professional dog trainers. Their young son Russ Hanson befriends a wild, grey wolf and he teaches it to be tame. Things are peaceful until an incident causes Grey the wolf to kill a champion boxer, instantly labeling Grey as a vicious animal. Russ and the wolf flee into the woods for protection and a state wide hunt unfolds to rescue Russ and kill Grey. Faced with the fact that Grey can never return home with him, Russ realizes he must teach Grey to survive in nature. The two try to evade the dog hunt and journey to find sanctuary for Grey. Flight of the Grey Wolf DVD is a compelling classic for animal lovers young and old.


  • Russ Hanson: Jeff East
  • The Sheriff: Bill Williams
  • Mrs. Hanson: Barbara Hale

Directed By

Frank Zuniga

Written By

Calvin Clements Jr., Mel Ellis

Run Time

100 min

Aspect Ratio