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Emil and the Detectives

This unique film focuses on Emil, a small town German boy learning to steer himself in the world filled with all sorts of dangers. While on his way to Berlin to visit his grandmother and cousin, Emil gets robbed of the money intended for his grandmother. He believes that the mysterious man sitting next to him on the train is the thief and decides to pursue him. Instead, he encounters Gustav and his group of friends, who call themselves "the Detectives," willing to help Emil retrieve the money. What they don’t know is that the money will wind up in the hands of some infamous bank robbers.


  • Walter Slezak
  • Bryan Russell
  • Roger Mobley
  • Heinz Schubert
  • Peter Ehrlich
  • Cindy Cassell
  • Elsa Wagner
  • Eva Ingeborg Scholz
  • Wolfgang Volz
  • Franz Nicklisch
  • Brian Richardson
  • Robert Swann
  • David Petrychka
  • Ann Noland
  • Ron Johnson
  • Rick Johnson

Directed By

Peter Tweksbury

Written By

AJ Carothers, Erich Kastner

Run Time

92 min

Aspect Ratio