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Doug's 1st Movie

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Animation

The popular T.V. show Doug has finally reached the big screen as Doug’s 1st Movie. One day, Doug and his best friend Skeeter discover a monster inhabiting Bluffington’s Lucky Duck Lake, and to their bewilderment, the monster is friendly. They name it Herman Melville and soon learn that the creature was born from toxic pollutant dumped into the lake by Bill Bluff, a factory owner. Doug and his friends team up to protect Herman and to do what is right.


  • Al And Moo Sleech: Eddie Korbich
  • Beebe Bluff: Alice Playten
  • Doug Funnie: Thomas McHugh
  • Guy Graham: Guy Hadley
  • Herman Melville: Frank Welker
  • Judy Funnie: Becca Lish
  • Lincoln: Thomas McHugh
  • Mayor Tippi Dink: Doris Belack
  • Mr. Funnie: Doug Preis
  • Mrs. Funnie: Becca Lish
  • Patti Mayonnaise: Constance Shulman
  • Roger Klotz: Chris Phillips
  • Skeeter: Fred Newman
  • Stentorian (Quailman) Announcer: David O'Brien

Directed By

Maurice Joyce

Written By

Ken Scarborough, Joe Aaron, Jim Jinkins

Run Time

88 min

Aspect Ratio