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Double Switch

Rated TBD (US)

Prepare to laugh and move to the rhythm of rock ā€˜nā€™ roll with this one-of-a-kind Disney comedy. Rock star Bart Holton has had enough of his bossy manager demanding maximum profits, and longs for a normal life. One day he meets Matt Bundy, his look-alike who can also imitate his dancing style perfectly, and proposes to switch roles temporarily. But the two adolescents soon realize that their lifestyles are much more different than they expected.


  • George Newbern
  • Elisabeth Shue
  • Tom Bresnahan
  • Mark Bringelson
  • Tsutomu Carton
  • Martin Casella
  • Mariclare Costello
  • Alyson Croft
  • Michael Des Barres
  • Lucinda Dooling
  • Chris Drury
  • Vicki Gabrielli
  • Jeffrey Hornaday
  • Claude Knobler
  • John Lawlor
  • Karen Michaels
  • Rick Overton
  • Christopher Peters
  • Lena Pousette
  • Betty Ramey
  • John Reade
  • Barbara Rhoades
  • Hal Riddle
  • Michele Russell
  • Henry Sutton
  • Jason Tomlins
  • Marcelo Tubert
  • Peter Van Norden
  • Barry Wiggins
  • BD Wong
  • Ruth Zakarian

Directed By

David Greenwalt

Written By

John McNamara, Peter Noah

Run Time

93 min

Aspect Ratio