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Disney Animation Collection Volume 6: The Reluctant Dragon

Rated Not Rated (US) / G (Canada), Animation

The Reluctant Dragon takes place in the medieval period and tells the astounding story of a boy and Sir Giles, who befriend a pleasant but misunderstood dragon that only seeks to share his love for poetry with the villagers. Because of his good nature, the dragon is unable to breathe fire or fight, but eventually takes part in staging a fight with Sir Giles in front of the village. In the end, the dragon is welcomed into society.


  • Robert Benchley
  • Frances Gifford
  • Buddy Pepper
  • Nana Bryant
  • Claud Allister
  • Barnett Parker
  • Billy Lee
  • Flornce Gill
  • Clarence Nash
  • Norman Ferguson
  • Ward Kimball
  • Jimmy Luske
  • Alan Ladd
  • Truman Woodworth
  • Hamilton MacFadden
  • Maurice Murphy
  • The Staff of the Walt Disney Studio

Directed By

Alfred L. Weker, Hamilton Luske

Written By

Kenneth Grahame, Ted Sears, Al Perkins, Larry Clemmons, William Cottrell, Harry Clork, Erdman Penner, T. Hee

Run Time

62 min

Aspect Ratio