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Charley and the Angel

Rated G (US) / G (Canada)

Don’t miss the family comedy film Charley and the Angel, based on the The Golden Evenings of Summer by Will Stanton. The film stars Fred MacMurray as Charley Appleby, who is a store owner during the Great Depression. Although Charley works hard to provide as much for his family, he lacks the qualities of a good father and husband. But one day, an angel approaches him and warns him that his time on Earth is almost up. Charlie must then change his ways to be a better father and husband before time runs out.


  • Fred MacMurray
  • Cloris Leachman
  • Harry Morgan
  • Kurt Russell
  • Kathleen Cody
  • Vincent Van Pattern
  • Scott C. Kolden
  • George Lindsey
  • Edward Andrews
  • Richard Bakalyan
  • Barbara Nichols
  • Kelly Thordsen
  • Liam Dunn
  • Larry D. Mann
  • George O'Hanlon
  • Susan Tolsky
  • Mills Watson
  • Ed Begley Jr.
  • Christina Anderson
  • Roy Engel
  • Pat Delaney
  • Bob Hastings
  • Jack Griffin

Directed By

Vincent McEveety

Written By

Will Stanton, Roswell Rogers

Run Time

95 min

Aspect Ratio