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The Castaway Cowboy

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Comedy

James Garner stars in this 1974 comedy as Lincoln Costain, a cowboy from Texas who's kidnapped and dumped on board a ship bound for Hawaii. After he escapes off the coast of Kauai, a young boy saves him from drowning.

He decides to help the boy's mother's deteriorating potato plantation by turning it into a cattle ranch while he figures out a way to get home. But first, he must outsmart a dishonest entrepreneur, fight a wicked witch doctor and turn the laid back islanders into cowboys. The Castaway Cowboy makes great use of James Garnerís highly enjoyable talents and makes this DVD a great treat for the whole family to enjoy.


  • Boatman: Buddy Joe Hooker
  • Booton MacAvoy: Eric Shea
  • Calvin Bryson: Robert Culp
  • Captain Cary: Shug Fisher
  • Henrietta MacAvoy: Vera Miles
  • Hopu: Ralph Hanalei
  • Kimo: Manu Tupou
  • Leleo: Lito Capina
  • Liliha: Elizabeth Smith
  • Lincoln Costain: James Garner
  • Malakoma: Nephi Hannemann
  • Marruja: Gregory Sierra
  • Oka: Kahana
  • Palani: Lee Woodd
  • The Hatman: Luis Delgado

Directed By

Vincent McEveety

Written By

Screenplay By Don Tait

Run Time

91 min

Aspect Ratio