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Call if Courage

Not Rated (US), Family Entertainment

On a small picturesque island surrounded by the Pacific's turquoise waters a young boy named Mufatu mourns the death of his father, the island's chief. After witnessing his father fatally attacked by a shark, Mufatu's too frightened to go near the water. All the villagers ask, "How can a coward ever be chief?" But his shame is greater than his fear and he decides to run away. After stealing a canoe, he heads out to sea where he struggles against a ferocious storm that leads him to an uncharted island. Everywhere in this paradise there is danger -- wild animals, shark-infested waters and headhunters! Can he learn to face his fears to survive? Will he ever return to his peaceful island home? Join Mafutu on his incredible adventure of hope and courage.


  • Mafatu: Evan Temarii
  • N/A: Don Ho

Directed By

Roy Disney

Run Time

97 min