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Atta Girl, Kelly!

Rated Not Rated (US) / G (Canada), Drama

A heart-warming tale of love and loyalty, Atta Girl, Kelly! chronicles the thrilling adventures of a boisterous German Shepherd being trained to become a guide dog. Along the way she changes the lives of three of her masters -- Danny, the boy who raises her, Matt, Kelly's trainer, and Evan Clayton, the blind owner who believes she may never be good enough for him. Homesick for the boy Danny, Kelly keeps escaping and there's some doubt that she will ever be a seeing-eye dog. Will Kelly be able to fulfill her destiny? Atta Girl, Kelly! is a story that is sure to inspire. The DVD also includes a brand new bonus feature about The Seeing Eye, the world's oldest guide dog school and the inspiration behind the movie.

Directed By

James Sheldon

Written By

Albert Aley

Run Time

139 min

Aspect Ratio