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Almost Angels

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Special Interest

Set against the majestic backdrop of Vienna, Austria comes a heartwarming tale of friendship, loyalty and perseverance. 12-year-old Tony struggles to fit in the famed Vienna Boys' Choir when Peter, an older boy jealous of Tony's talent, tries to get him thrown out. But Tony proves he's a good friend when Peter's voice changes and Tony hatches a plan to keep him in the Choir. When the plan is discovered, will they both be thrown out? Featuring the wondrous music of The Vienna Boys' Choir and Austria's spectacular scenery, ALMOST ANGELS is a film the whole family will enjoy.


  • Choirmaster: Hermann Furthmosek
  • Felix Meinl: Bernard Hindinger
  • Ferdie: Hennie Scott
  • Frau Fiala: Bruni Lobel
  • Friedel Schmidt: Denis Gilmore
  • Herr Fiala: Fritz Eckhardt
  • Max Heller: Peter Weck
  • Misignore: Oskar Willner
  • Mother: Elisabeth Stiepl
  • Music Teacher: Heinz Grohmann
  • Peter Schaefer: Sean Scully
  • Seamstress: Heidi Grubl
  • Toni Fiala: Vincent Winter

Directed By

Steve Previn

Run Time

93 min

Aspect Ratio