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A Tiger Walks

Rated Not Rated (US) / G (Canada), Drama

The best of Sunday night TV is back. A Tiger Walks is the celebrated TV show that was enormously popular with audiences for decades, and was one of the longest running weekly prime-time series in TV history. A dramatic adventure unfolds when a maltreated Bengal tiger is accidentally freed into the woodland surrounding the tiny community of Scotia. As a result, a tsunami of national attention turns the sleepy little town into a confused jungle of frightened citizens. While a well-meaning sheriff, his young daughter, and an Indian trainer struggle to safely capture the wonderful animal, children across the nation rally to defend the creature with a rousing "Save the Tiger" campaign. Danger and thrills are on the prowl when A Tiger Walks!


  • Dorothy Williams: Vera Miles
  • Julie Williams: Pamela Franklin
  • Ram Singh: Sabu
  • Sheriff Pete Williams: Brian Keith

Directed By

Norman Tokar

Written By

Screenplay By Lowell S. Hawley; Based On The Book By Ian Niall

Run Time

92 min

Aspect Ratio