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A Mom For Christmas

Rated TV-G (US) / G (Canada), Drama

Olivia Newton-John stars in Disney's delightful tale of love, family and starting over that will bring great cheer to the holidays. Jessica is an 11-year-old whose mother died when she was 3. When she receives a free wish from a wishing well, she gets what she asked for and more -- A Mom For Christmas! A department store mannequin is brought to life as a beautiful woman named Amy (played by Olivia Newton-John). When Amy shows up at Jessica’s door, she brings life and laughter back into Jessica's family. The only trouble is Amy can only stay until Christmas Eve. But now that Amy has brought some joy into their lives, Jessica and her dad don't want to lose her.


  • Amy: Olivia Newton-John
  • Philomena: Doris Roberts

Directed By

George Miller

Written By

Gerald DiPego

Run Time

92 min

Aspect Ratio