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DuckTales The Movie

Rated G (US) / G (Canada), Animation

Join Uncle Scrooge and a lively cast of characters from the popular DuckTales series in this exciting, hair-raising treasure hunt. With his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and his niece, the delightfully named Webbigail Vanderquack at his side, the classic character of Scrooge McDuck travels from his palatial home in Duckburg in search of the long-lost treasure of the renowned thief Collie Baba. Finding the goods isn't quite as easy as the intrepid team first imagined! Their exhilarating adventure leads to comical disorder, pandemonium, and a lesson about what is far more valuable than gold, money and jewels.


  • Dewey: Russi Taylor
  • Dijon: Richard Libertini
  • Duckworth: Chuck McCann
  • Genie: Rip Taylor
  • Huey: Russi Taylor
  • Launchpad McQuack: Terence McGovern
  • Louie: Russi Taylor
  • Merlock: Christopher Lloyd
  • Mrs. Beakley: Joan Gerber
  • Mrs. Featherby: June Foray
  • Scrooge McDuck: Alan Young

Directed By

Bob Hathcock , Clive Pallant , Gaetan Brizzi , Mathias Marco Rodric

Written By

Alan Burnett

Run Time

74 min

Aspect Ratio